Highly potent API expansion for Olon Rodano site



Olon, global leader of APIs production, announced the completion of a new highly potent API large scale production line in Rodano site. And it’s already available for customers. A new, highly automated production line, multi-purpose, and high-containment, suitable for the synthesis of highly active ingredients.

A new, highly automated production line

Rodano site, that relies on one of the most extensive expertise in handling highly potent pharmaceutical principles at global level, has raised the level of containment up to the actual standards and very large scale. This by putting in place a set of primary and secondary containment, designed to avoid the active substances diffusion in the working environment.

The line significantly strengthens the synthesis, finishing and drying section, to manage acid-based reactions. So, the production batches up to the significant quantity of 250 kg, with a necessary containment band of OEB5, for either highly active or highly toxic products (OEL 0,1-1 micrograms/m3).

Our new production line in Milan is part of a development capacity expansion to address the strong market demand and furtherly reinforce our historical expertise in handling highly potent pharmaceutical ingredients. This additional capacity benefits customers by expediting the onboarding of new projects.

Paolo Tubertini, Olon Chief Executive Officer

Historical financial record

The announcement comes after presentation of Group’s results upon the closure of the 2020 financial statements. Olon confirms its trend of organic growth, the success of the integration process of the industrial and research and development activities of the numerous sites acquired in recent years. The company achieved its absolute historical record in terms of revenues, technical and R&D investments.

Olon closed its books with numbers that reflect a gradual and constant growth over the last five years. 65 million in strategic investments over 2021, focusing to boost most advanced technology platforms and expanding production capacity as well. The forward-looking strategy of the Italian Group focuses on production of highly potent active principles.

In the context of this exceptional international growth, the Rodano (Milan) site has been subject to major investments which have allowed the plant to significantly increase its production capacity. It could also raise its process quality standards, along with its environmental sustainability and the safety of its workers. The plant has extensive experience and capabilities in the development and manufacturing of highly potent APIs from clinical to commercial scale. In 2021 alone, the Rodano site received investments of 13 million to bolster it on several fronts.

Finally, the group, in line with its vision, has invested major resources into workplace safety, protection of individuals and protection of the environment.

Our aim is to continue to grow. We play a leading role as an Italian company but also as representatives of an industry that is crucial to public health and to the drug supply chain. We hope to pave the way to bring back to Europe the production of active ingredients, which represent the heart of the drug.

Roberta Pizzocaro, President of Olon Group