The social responsibility of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Premiate le migliori esperienze aziendali di responsabilità sociale e iniziative sulla sicurezza

The sector’s social partners reward the best corporate experiences of social responsibility and initiatives for spreading the culture of safety.

As part of the annual event held in Milan on 20 December 2022 on the occasion of the national safety, health and sustainable development day, the initiatives of the national and corporate social partners were presented in favor of sustainable development and the diffusion of the culture of safety also outside of companies.

Corporate experiences of social responsibility and safety initiatives in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

The chemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry have been engaged in these issues for over 50 years and are among the most virtuous manufacturing sectors. This is demonstrated by the INAIL data and those of the latest Responsible Care Report, the voluntary program in favor of sustainability.

These successes are also the result of the investment in sustainable development (which represents over 2% of turnover) as well as the contribution of the industrial relations system shared by the sector’s social partners.

Job security

The chemical and pharmaceutical sectors are among those with the lowest incidence of accidents in relation to hours worked. This is more than 41% less than the manufacturing average.

The diffusion of the culture of safety is an integral part of the social responsibility choices adopted some time ago, including the CCNL renewed on 13 June 2022.

The National Contract offers guidelines on the impacts of digital transformation on work, industrial relations and Safety, Health and the Environment.

Environmental sustainability

Furthermore, the chemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry confirm their excellent performance in all environmental sustainability indicators. Compared to 1990, they have:

  • reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 64%
  • improved energy efficiency by 44%.

They have thus achieved results already in line with the European Union’s 2030 objectives. It also improves waste management: recycling is the first treatment method and equals almost 30% of the total.

“Safety Culture” Award

The “Safety Culture” Award, in its first edition, is dedicated to the diffusion of sector culture even outside the corporate working environments, starting with schools and is aimed at workers and students involved in projects with chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

The recognition was awarded to a mixed group, made up of employees of ICE S.p.A. and a student of the Marconi State Institute of Higher Education in Tortona, for having been able to grasp the objective of the Award with extreme originality and for having involved workers of different ages and students.

“Best corporate experiences” award on the subject of social responsibility and protection of safety and health in the workplace

The “Best corporate experiences” Award is instead aimed at shared projects of social responsibility, on the topics of protection of safety and health in the workplace, respect for the environment and contractual welfare.

This year the jury, made up of representatives of the employers and trade unions, therefore awarded:

  • 3M Italia, for the particular commitment made to safety and health in the workplace, through the enhancement of the participatory method, with a view to continuous improvement
  • BSP Pharmaceuticals, for the utmost attention to the well-being of workers, with particular income support initiatives to defend against inflationary increases
  • FATER, for choices regarding contractual welfare, active aging and environmental sustainability
  • LUNDBECK ITALIA, for the enhancement of corporate social responsibility, through functional choices to improve the health and well-being of workers and sustainable development.