PQE Smart Glasses

PQE smart glasses - interview with Luca Zammarchi


Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the digitalization process, and PQE answered with advanced remote technologies that enhanse quality systems: for example, smart glasses.

PQE V Box enables to access remotely your desktop and take the control of your mouse and keyboard. And thanks to this, a PQE operator can access to your machine in total security.

The vbox is in fact completely secure, since it uses a VPN tunnel to connect to the network of your company. In addition to this, no files can be copied from the local machine to the remote machine.

The vbox can be used with standalone machines, typically pc clients that are not connected to your network. It is 100% made by PQE and it can be easily shipped to your sites. Thanks to this we can perform several activities, like – for example – gap solving activities as well as text script execution simultaneously. By using PQE smart glasses with augmented reality technology we can deliver all the services that normally need the PQE presence on site. We can see exactly what the operator sees, using this kind of technology, which allows us to perform all the operations that usually are done onsite: like assessments or audits.

Learn more in this video interview (in Italian) with PQE Digital Governance International Delivery Director, Luca Zammarchi: