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The second Partners Board meeting was held on Friday, July 7, 2023, to select the finalist startups that will follow the path of the Health&BioTech Accelerator, a project of Deloitte Officine Innovazione. Partners of excellence for this third edition of the event, the corporate and clinical partners are: Intesa San Paolo RBM saluteMSD ItaliaGruppo San Donato ,HumanitasIstituto Italiano di TecnologiaUniversità di Milanoteleserenitàistituto romagnolo per lo studio dei tumori Dino Amadori e Servizio Sanitario ragionale Emilia Romagna;technological partner is aws ( amazon web service). The investing partners are: KairosDigital MagicsItalian AngelsPanakèsClaris ventures. finally the media partners are: e MakingLife.

The selection and objectives

As many as 288 startups from 40 countries applied to the initiative, selected according to criteria of innovation, advanced diagnostics and digital health; prevention, telehealth and assisted living are other criteria taken into consideration during the participant selection phase.


During these months, the  Deloitte Officine Innovazione  Team held more than 50 meetings with the selected startups in order to deepen their solutions and best present them to the partners they would meet at the second selection.

The ultimate goal of the Health&BioTech Accelerator, which through its first two editions has established itself as the largest Open Innovation program in Italy in the life sciences and healthcare sector, is to identify the most innovative companies globally that meet the innovation goals that the life sciences field is heading for. The idea of “accelerating” the activity of startups that can develop and launch new products on the market has proven successful, enhancing Italian excellence by capitalizing on the global innovation presented at this event.

Deloitte Officine Innovazione team, together with its many prestigious partners, identified last week the 19 startups that most represent the innovation trends in demand. Geographically, 10 countries are involved, among which Italy is a prominent element with 8 startups out of 19, a truly remarkable number and a source of great admiration. In second place are Switzerland and Austria, but there is no shortage of the United Kingdom, Portugal, Finland, Switzerland and Denmark, while Israel and Turkey represent the international scene.


The startups

Among the 19 selected stratups, the majority pate work in advanced diagnostics and digital therapies and preventions, but we also see companies in assisted living, robotics, and tele-medicine represented.

We are now in the central phase of the acceleration: after the selection and the day on Friday, July 7, when the finalist candidates were chosen, in the coming days the startups will have to work on the presentation of their projects, which will be evaluated on the final day of presentation to the public, institutions and the business innovation community, which will be held on July 18 in an in-person event that will decide the winner.

Below are the startups selected as finalists:

  • Medendi: Italian digital health and prevention platform for cancer patients
  • Sone Health: Italian company that makes earplugs that enhance, amplify and filter stethoscope sounds
  • EyeCheckup: Turkish company that makes software to diagnose 95% of the causes of curable blindness
  • RobotDreams: Austrian platform of AI-based diagnostic software
  • AlgoDx: Finnish startup producing clinical support software that can predict the onset of sepsis up to 3 hours earlier and 80% sensitivity
  • Huvant: advanced training platform for the medical sector, all Italian
  • Health Force: the EU’s only vertical automation reader on healthcare, produced in Austria
  • PharmaPrime: Italian company leader in the development and management of innovative projects to support patients with chronic diseases and their families
  • SelfBack: Danish stratup that produces personalized therapies generated by artificial intelligence
  • Capsula: Italian startup that deals with projects, solutions and patient support services
  • Bestest: Italian startup that develops the only test able to evaluate the internal elasticity of the bone structure by diagnosing in time 90% of the risks of fractures
  • Ancora.AI: Swiss application based on artificial intelligence for the development of intuitive clinical trials
  • Knok: leader in the Portuguese telemedicine market
  • Morecognition: Italian startup that deals with post-stroke rehabilitation to help healthcare professionals improve the outcome of therapies
  • Deversify: Swedish company leader in the accuracy and repeatability of instant fat burner detection
  • Lami: first Italian system able to make visits and exams at home by integrating with other platforms
  • Miicare: English platform for prevention and home care
  • Popit: Finnish platform that uses devices and apps in the cloud to monitor the consumption of medicine
  • Selfit: Israeli company that allows robot-patient interaction at home, to improve the physical and cognitive state of elderly patients

A last pre-summer round for the accelerator was held on July 18th in the context of the Deloitte Greenhouse, where the selection phase of the program ended.

The previously selected startups had the opportunity to present their projects to the board, finding great success and everyone’s interest. The cutting-edge digital part, keeping the patient the real protagonist, being the target of the creative and productive work of startups.

We mention the extreme charm of Turin research on the vaccine for pancreatic cancer, or the extremely practical implications in terms of adherence to therapy and assistance on the territory of others who, starting from an experience of home delivery of drugs, through Covid have gained experience of teleassistance and collection of clinical data.

The focus is increasingly on the user experience, from digital therapies for lombosciatalgia to the early interception of serious retinal problems. The patient is at the center, part of the very essence of innovation.