63rd AFI Symposium – Giovanni Boccardi’s interview

The sixth session of the AFI Symposium is dedicated to implementation of quality systems linked to import, transport and destruction activities in the pharmaceutical sector


Importation, distribution and transport are complex but crucial activities for the valorisation of the pharmaceutical sector. The complexity of these activities that outline part of the pharmaceutical supply chain is essentially due to regulatory complexity, deadline management and the phenomenon of globalization.
This complexity requires greater quality control and therefore the implementation of quality management systems not only linked to production activities.

In this regard, during the 63rd AFI Symposium, a session was planned, entitled “Special Quality Systems“, that will focus on aspects inherent to the implementation of quality systems in companies other than pharmaceutical production plants.

In particular, the planned interventions will delve into the characteristics and problems relating to the quality systems applied to the import of APIs and medicines, the distribution and transport of APIs and medicines, the production and distribution of medicinal gases, the development of products and the production of batches for clinical trials, to the production of ATMP.

Giovanni Boccardi, moderator of the VI session, during the below video interview, underlines the importance of understanding the differences between the three quality systems operating in the pharmaceutical industry: GMP, GLP and GCP. He also clarifies the need to consider the quality systems of APIs and the production of medicinal gases, which will be topics of the session planned for 6th June.