63rd AFI Symposium – Interview with Lorenzo Cottini and Ilaria Maruti

The fifth session of the 63° AFI Symposium focuses on two key concepts for the future of clinical research: innovation and sustainability


The correlation between innovation and sustainability is an aspect of strong interest as both have become tools capable of impacting the activities and strategies of any organization.

In particular, in the field of clinical research, the introduction of innovative solutions has increased simplification, reduced costs and encouraged patient participation: but the innovation of clinical studies also has a significant impact on sustainability issues, animating the discussion around the the need not to neglect, beyond progress, the environmental and social impact of innovative solutions.

The fifth session of the 63° AFI Symposium, entitled “The future of clinical research: innovation and sustainability“, is dedicated to analyze these aspects.
The interventions of this session, in fact, will present concrete examples of sustainability in the clinical trial field, highlighting the methodological and regulatory changes of recent months and years, encouraging a discussion between professionals for the improvement of clinical trials.

Introducing us to the session are Lorenzo Cottini and Ilaria Maruti, who gave us a short video interview. The interviewees underline the advantages of introducing innovations into clinical trials, among which there is certainly a greater simplification of processes in favor of the patient, and the positive impact that innovation and digitalisation have on sustainability.

Among the aims of the session there is certainly the need for pharmaceutical companies, CROs and regulatory bodies to be sensitized to these issues in order to be able to design and approve studies that can have positive implications for patients, hospitals, healthcare world and environment.