62° AFI Symposium – Giorgia Bottello’s interview

interviste simposio afi

On the afternoon of June 8th, space will be given to young people, dedicating the ninth session of the Symposium to the future of young graduates in the world of pharmaceutical business.

We asked Dr. Giorgia Bottello, as a representative of the Farmaceutica Younger Association, what she thought were the opportunities that young people have right now; people who graduate with a degree in science often go on to study for a PhD, which gives them access to an academic career. Increasingly, however, despite obtaining a strenuous PhD, young people are leaving scientific research to enter the pharmaceutical industry. Of course, the PhD provides important notions and carries its own weight in candidates’ resumes, but, Giorgia points out, more training is not always preferable to a younger but still-to-be-trained candidate.

During this session, what are the needs and preferences of young people in the job search will be attended to, because we perhaps take too much for granted that it is companies only that make demands on candidates, and never the other way around.

In fact, it is increasingly emerging the search for job positions that offer greater corporate welfare to their employees. Flexibility and contract length are the essential elements that young people seek when applying for a position, preferring occupations that provide the best work-life balance.