62° AFI Symposium – Paola Minghetti’s interview

interviste simposio afi

The last session of the Symposium is dedicated to the changes that will take place in the EU regulation of medicinal products.

On this occasion, Professor Paola Minghetti, vice president of AFI, recalled the strong synergy within the association between representatives of the pharmaceutical industries and university and academic representatives, an involvement that leads to important opportunities for exchange and reflection.

About a month ago, as we all know, the European Commission’s proposal on new pharmaceutical legislation came out, and Professor Minghetti took a few minutes to comment on the main points and any critical issues. After many years of waiting and minor amendments, the European Parliament wanted to engage in a remarkable change, bringing a proposal for the new directive and a proposal for the amendment of two legislations to date, one for orphan drugs and one for pediatric drugs.

Among the main problems we face today is the availability and equity of medicines among European states, which sometimes may find themselves without one or more medicines due to lack of supply or even earlier problems in the production of the drug itself.

The AFI symposium session will be an opportunity to discuss the proposed new legislation, and during the panel discussion there will be a chance to hear the opinions and considerations of various experts from the pharmaceutical industry and API companies, but there will also be the voice of academics, with the intention of jointly producing a document that will be sent to the European Commission, which will then have a chance to take note of the comments from each member state.