63rd AFI Symposium – interview with Bice Conti

The fifteenth session of the symposium will be dedicated to the transformation of the world of parenteral medicines, providing food for thought on critical aspects and new techniques


The world of parenteral medicines is going through a phase of profound transformation which involves various aspects. On the one hand, the possibility of delivering genetic material using non-viral nanovectors opens up new scenarios in research and challenges in development and production, on the other hand, the rigorous implementation of the Annex 1 guidelines has introduced new requirements requiring a particular attention to guarantee the quality, safety and effectiveness of the finished product.

These aspects will be the main theme of the XV session of the AFI Symposium entitled “Interaction of modified drug release systems with primary container material: critical issues and new characterization techniques”: as it reminds us Bice Conti, professor at the University of Pavia and moderator of the session, the meeting will focus, in particular, on the challenges linked to the evolutions and transformations of the world of parenteral medicines.

The interventions of the session will also try to present possible solutions: in fact, the emerging formulation approaches to satisfy clinical needs will be discussed with the aim of personalizing the therapy on the individual patient, as well as the possible solutions to be implemented to achieve the compliance with the requirements of Annex 1.