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«Vitafoods is always an exciting opportunity to share our latest innovations, both regarding products and sustainability-oriented governance, and to discuss the latest news in the nutraceutical world with our stakeholders – says Francesca de Rensis, Marketing Director at Indena SpA. – At the 2023 edition, we presented our CUBO, a new, sharp duo based on Curcumin Phytosome™ and Boswellia Phytosome™, a precious ally with proven efficacy in keeping gut healthy. We also discussed the latest clinical evidence on RelissaTM, our formulation of Melissa officinalis in Phytosome™, which is able to help relaxation and sleep very effectively. As regards sustainability, we were proud to present our consolidated approach to the supply chain, which is responsibly managed with the aim of protecting nature, people and business».



Both products represent a natural support to face one of today’s most important challenges: managing a stressful lifestyle.

Francesca de Rensis, Marketing Director at Indena SpA


The highly evolved and complex microbiota play a crucial role in overall health: some go as far as calling the gut a “second brain”. Its optimal functionality relies on delicate balances threatened by stress, poor diet, illnesses and so on. That’s why solving common issues like abdominal bloating can be so tricky. Indena’s insight was to develop a combined strategy compounding the benefits of two ingredients supported by solid scientific evidence: both in Phytosomeformulation and processed with a strong commitment to sustainability, curcumin and boswellia join forces to control oxidation, bacterial balance and muscle cramps, for optimal gut health and a better quality of life.

Recently clinical evidence has demonstrated the efficacious support given to gut health by the two- Phytosomecoalition, which has been proven to provide multiple health benefits for easy gut transit, controlling bloating, abdominal discomfort and balancing intestinal microbiota.

This evidence were presented at Vitafoods 2023 by Elisabetta Frattini, Indena’s Head of Scientific Communication & LCM.


Sleep plays a fundamental role in our wellbeing: decreased sleep duration or quality can both adversely affect mental health. In the past few years we have experienced many factors that could directly impact anybody’s sleeping habits: pandemic-related constraints such as home confinement, social isolation, and the fear of contracting the virus, but also the unstable global economic situation. There is evidence that the demand for natural ingredients that can help in balancing sleep and consequently mood and general health is increasing.

Melissa officinalis (a member of the mint family), with its high content of rosmarinic acid, is known for its calming effect with a positive outcome for sleep. The main mechanisms recognized for their effect are the modulation of the GABA-transaminase enzyme (resulting in a high level of GABA) and its antioxidant and radical scavenging activities.

RelissaTM is a health food ingredient based on the formulation of Melissa officinalis with phospholipids, i.e. Melissa Phytosome™, to optimize dispersion in gastrointestinal fluids and biological performance. It’s the Indena solution for turning a good ingredient (Melissaofficinalis) into a great ingredient.

As Serena Tongiani, Chief Portfolio Officer at Indena, explained in her presentation at Vitafoods, recent clinical evidence shows that RelissaTM has a clear effect on sleep, mood, stress, emotional health and quality of life with significant results based on validated self-assessed questionnaires given to 100 subjects. Moreover, Indena’s great ingredient also has a positive impact on the Lactobacillus rhamnosus, which is known to be involved in the maintenance of a good quality of sleep-wake cycle.


Sustainability has been an approach to governance for Indena for many years. The company makes a major commitment to protecting nature, a source of inspiration but also of business, in innovating technology to address climate change and in taking care of people as the real source of sustainable success.

There are five main global sustainability challenges that Indena constantly addresses, to guide its vision and plans:

  • climate change
  • loss of biodiversity
  • waste
  • social vulnerability
  • health

The company’s concrete actions to face those challenges were the focus of: Protecting nature, people and business: exploringresponsible supply chain and energy management with Indena, the presentation Francesca De Rensis, Indena’s Marketing Director, will make at Vitafoods 2023 on 9th May.