GMP/Annex 1 EIPG professional training course

The European Industrial Pharmacists Group (EIPG) in cooperation with Makinglife introduces a new advanced training course on the latest updates in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Annex 1. Several hours of comprehensive training across eight sessions with an an international panel of experts


Makinglife is proud to announce a Professional Training Course organized by the European Industrial Pharmacists Group (EIPG) about GMP/Annex 1. This course is designed to provide industrial pharmacists and professionals in the pharmaceutical sector with a deep understanding of the requirements of Annex 1, guiding them through critical requirements interpretation and practical implementation in equipment procedures and training.

Featuring an international panel of top Annex 1 experts, the course offers 24 hours of training across 8 live streaming sessions, accompanied by downloadable study materials and an end-of-course certificate. If you prefer, you can also follow only one module at a time. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your expertise in sterile medicinal product manufacture or aiming to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical industry, this course presents an invaluable opportunity for professional growth.

A Q&A section will be open as a chat during the training module and all trainers will ensure the presence of time slots for replying to the questions.

Though this training was mainly developed for industrial pharmacists who are members of the associations joining EIPG, it is open to all professionals working in the pharmaceutical area who are interested in manufacturing sterile medicinal products. For pricing, enrollment, and further details, please download the brochure or visit the website course.

Enroll the course

The EIPG members are entitled to a discount of 25% of the price.

When you apply to buy the full course or single modules, you will have to put in a coupon number.

To get your coupon number you can use the following link to the MakingLife platform where you are requested to specify your name, association and e-mail address, which will be also used for the connection to the webinars.

ANNEX 1 course: EIPG Coupon

Join us to elevate your professional capabilities in the pharmaceutical industry.