63rd AFI Symposium – Alessandra Molin Zan’s interview

The fourteenth session of the AFI Symposium will be focused on the rules and opportunities for pharmaceutical advertising and information in the digital age


Pharmaceutical companies, in promoting their medicines to the public and/or healthcare professionals, must comply with the provisions of Title VIII of Legislative Decree 219/2006. However, the application of the legislation in practical experience highlights a series of critical issues, linked to the interpretative space left by the legislation itself and to the variety of tools available today, especially the new digital tools. To complicate this scenario, there are the different types of products that many companies today have in their portfolio and which fall within different regulatory areas.

The fourteenth session of the 63rd AFI Symposium, entitled “Advertising and scientific information in the digital age“, will be dedicated to the analysis of this scenario, investigating in particular the rules and opportunities about the communication aspetcs

The aim of the session, in fact, is to provide the results of the experience of numerous companies both in the field of scientific information and in the field of public advertising, illustrating the evolution of promotion tools and methods.

As underlined by Alessandra Molin Zan during our interview, this session presents ideas for debate aimed at analyzing thes changes in context and the new guideline, thanks to the interventions of the various professionals and the round table that will involve the main trade associations and the competent health authority.

Furthemore, Molin Zan underlines how the impact of new technologies and the widespread use of social media affect the promotion and information activities of medicines carried out by companies in the healthcare sector.