63rd AFI Symposium – Maria Luisa Nolli’s interview

The eleventh session of the AFI Symposium will be dedicated to the radical innovation of CAR-Ts for the treatment of solid tumors and autoimmune diseases


The radical innovation of CAR-Ts is changing the prospects for treating onco-haematological diseases with unexpected solutions until a few years ago for pathologies with no other possibility of resolution.

The eleventh session of the 63rd AFI Symposium, entitled “CAR-T: from recent past to near future” and planned for June 6, investigates these aspects through targeted interventions that underline the developments linked to this innovation which is also appearing in treatment of solid tumors and autoimmune diseases.

Car-t therefore presents itself as a true revolution in medicine with important challenges and opportunities to be faced for all the actors involved, from the scientific community, to companies, to regulatory institutions.

As Maria Luisa Nolli, Coordinator of Biotechnology Study Groups of AFI and moderator of the session, reminds us during our interview, it is important to encourage discussion between the various stakeholders involved in consideration of the enormous impact that this type of methodology could have on the treatment of rare diseases. Precisely for this reason, a round table was planned during the session, which, thanks to the professionals present, will investigate the challenges and opportunities of CAR-Ts.