63rd AFI Symposium – Anna Ponzianelli’s interview

The seventh session of the AFI Symposium will be dedicated to the new HTA regulation: what are the next steps and its impact on the market?


The HTA Regulation, now two years after its approval, represents the transition towards the harmonization of HTA at a European level, with the aim of improving access to truly effective health technologies and therefore improving the benefits for patients and in all Member States.

The seventh session of the 63rd AFI Symposium, entitled “HTA Regulation around the corner, what are the next steps?“, will focus on the analysis of the state of the art of the HTAR between EU and Italy, between Coordination Group and AIFA, encouraging, exactly 6 months after the go live, a comparison between the various protagonists of this important event for European and Italian Public Health.

Precisely to encourage discussion, the round table will involve almost all the parties interested in the implementation of the HTA Regulation and the main topic will be the application of the HTAR on oncology drugs and ATMPs.

Anna Ponzianelli, Coordinator of HTA Study Group of AFI, introduces us, during our video interview, to the importance of the HTA regulation and its innovations, as well as the impact that the HTAR has on the market.

Ponzianelli, who will be the moderator of the session, reminds us of the importance of this moment and the next steps for HTA, but also the need to continue involving stakeholders, creating meeting opportunities that allow us to better address the implementation of the HTAR.